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Greener than Green Energy

Sustainable Independent Energy
from Emerald Power

Emerald Power minimizes carbon emissions contributing to Global Climate Change while also reducing the cost of clean energy produced in the U.S.A. Such an environmental standard is greener than previous generations envisioned, which is why the appropriate color of our mission is emerald – greener than green.

Emerald Power can dramatically reduce the cost of operating a fleet of vehicles currently running on gasoline or diesel by transforming the fleet to clean, natural-gas operations. Emerald Power engineers have managed gasoline and diesel fleet operations as well as natural-gas-vehicle (NGV) fleet operations. Fleet operators can have Emerald Power’s experts oversee every detail in the selection of NGVs as well as the construction of the NGV Fuel Station appropriate for each fleet’s needs.

The Emerald Power team includes the pioneers that developed Natural Gas Vehicle technology in the United States while also designing, building, operating, and maintaining ultra-efficient processes that can further benefit NGV operations.

In some cases, a fleet will have an ideal location or operating profile that Emerald Power engineers use to further reduce both carbon emissions and the cost of operations. Emerald Power engineers have, for example, integrated Let-Down Pressure Recovery technology with the NGV Fuel Station to reduce electric demand and the cost of fueling.

Emerald Power engineers also have the experience and resources to implement Greenhouse Gas Recovery technology to capture pure methane (the major component of natural gas) found in digesters at wastewater treatment plants or in landfills. Emerald Power engineers also led the effort to convert waste into energy without incineration through its engineering of Anaerobic-Thermal Conversion to transform biosolids at a wastewater-treatment plant into thermal energy and electricity.

Emerald Power engineers built the first NGV Fuel Station infrastructure in New York City:

MTA-NYCT – Jackie Gleason Bus Depot (200 buses)
MTA-Command Bus Spring Creek (140 Buses)
New York City Department of Transportation
New York City – Water Street
Mobil – Flatbush Avenue
KeySpan Energy’s Greenpoint Energy Center
KeySpan Energy’s Canarsie Service Center

Triboro Coach (130 Buses)
BP – LaGuardia Airport
Jet Blue – Forklift Operations – JFK Airport
New York City – Flushing Meadows
Port Authority of NY/NJ – JFK Airport
KeySpan Springfield Gardens (Queens) Station

Staten Island
KeySpan Energy’s Staten Island Service Center
U.S. Post Office – Staten Island

Long Island
MTA-Long Island Bus – Mitchell Field
MTA – Long Island Bus – Rockville
U.S. Post Office Huntington
Snapple Forklift Operations
KeySpan Energy’s Hewlett Service Center
KeySpan Energy’s Hicksville Headquarters
KeySpan Energy’s Riverhead Service Center

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